Numerous patrons have commissioned my work. Sometimes it is as simple as painting from a client-provided photo. Other times the subject requires preliminary studies and an occasional visit to a particular location to gain reference material. I prefer to do my studies from my own photography if possible. If I paint from someone else’s photos, they should be of good quality. Providing many photos at different angles and close-up photos of details help me get a better feel for the subject.

Many times the commissions that I create require me to paint a particular building, automobile, landscape or wildlife. I can work from your request and I can show intermediate sketches and we can decide upon a final creation. I can work with particular colors and if you have something to which I need to match colors, just communicate it to me in the beginning. I can create paintings to any size you require and typically put the painting in a white mat and ship or deliver the painting unframed. If you request a frame with the painting, I can provide suggestions and can use glass or plexiglas. Basically whatever you desire, I can provide it.

Commissions take time and I have to be able to fit your painting into my schedule. If you have a desired date for completion, I need to know this up front to make sure my schedule will allow it.

A successful commission takes time and effort. I request a nonrefundable deposit of 25%.

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